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Thank you to Jeff Hurt for tweeting a link to this excellent post on the responsibilities of an Online Community Manager.

Online Community Manager: A New Position in Education


Well done, Red Cross. Here is how to handle a Twitter mistake with class – and end up getting props on Mashable!

Twitter Faux Pas


I’m not sure why – but I want this. My birthday is in May.🙂



Friday Funny!

Sign of the times….

spotlights! – smorgasbord style


This is an older post – but definitely worthwhile! (My response: AMEN!)

Avoid These Office Buzzwords


On-point post about Quora, mostly about how people/brands are using social media:

The Drive-Thru Mentality of Social Media

Jeff Hurt shares another neat way to enhance an event with animated texts:

Take The Wiffiti Plunge: Engage Your Audiences With Animated Texts

Social Fish offers very easy-to-understand and straight to the point steps to get started on WordPress:

How to build a WordPress website for your nonprofit


A scathing interesting article from the NY Times on the WebMD business model:

A Prescription for Fear

Another perspective on the above worth reading (two sides to every story, right?):

NY Times Magazine: A Prescription for Fear


Calling out Groupon for their insensitive Super Bowl and the poor attempt at damage control:

Groupon Apologizes for Super Bowl Spot… Just Kidding


On Life

Regrets of the Dying (If you only have time for one of these links – this is the one you should visit)

Marketing | Work Life

Incorporating Your Customer’s Voice in Your E-mails

How do you deal with conflict?

Mobile apps are a waste of time for associations.

Geek | Tech

What the iPad’s most significant operating system update [iOS 4.2] means for healthcare and medical professionals

(I can’t wait for the update! @NuclearFire was lucky enough to get his hands on it as a developer and has said that the update is a game changer for the iPad, and really improves the functionality.)

Just for laughs!

Facebook taken over by TSA

[Image via JJay]

bizzaro* spotlights

best reads this week

*Spotlights are ‘bizzaro’ this week as they may seem a bit random. I’ve been suffering writer’s block for two weeks and thus have read A LOT to try and get past this. They are good links, but not exactly like what I usually post. Enjoy.

pharma | DTC | marketing

AstraZeneca Staffers Want to Know: Why Doesn’t Their Symbicort Lady Have a Face?

marketing | creativity | captivating

Dogs Filmed at 1000 Frames Per Second

google |good to know | productivity

Fast New Windows

funny | law

A Very Clever Business Card

business life | resource

Eight Things Your Employees Want from You

inspiration | social media

My Dirty Little College Secret

law | funny

Craigslist Post of the Day: Top-Tier Law Degree ($59,250)

And now . . . favorite YouTube spotlight

Formula 1 Simulator

Yeesh! Boys and their toys – ridiculous! That looks like fun.


best reads this week

social media | social networking

Circling your Social Network

finance | genuine | smart

Our Towels Don’t Match Our Bathroom Curtains

hilarious |fail

The perils of recursion – Live Webcast FAIL

workplace | professional development

The Dangerous Boss

community | social media | yay!

Happy Birthday #eventprofs!

google | funny

Google Buzz Trick


Amazon Wants to Give a Free Kindle to All Amazon Prime Subscribers

tech |social media

Buzz Off Social Networks!

youtube spotlight

Raptor Devours Cheerleader


best reads this week . . .

odd | worthwhile | wishlist

The 25 most awesome mugs ever created

google | mystery

Gmail Buzz?

#eventprofs | #ec10

Event Camp: A Social Media Jam Session for Events People

hilarious | twitter

San Francisco’s Answer to Westboro Baptist Church

cool | worthwhile

Looking into the Past


The Ten Weirdest Drug Stories of the Month

business | success

How to Get Along with Frenemies

social media | trends

Facebook: Consumers Locked Into Technology?

twitter | community | network

The Twitter Helpdesk

youtube spotlight:


best reads this week . . .

science | odd

Moscow’s Stray Dogs Evolving Greater Intelligence, Including a Mastery of the Subway

events | social media revolution

Look Out! Run For Your Lives. They’re Coming To Your Next Event! Attendee 2.0

geek | wish list


social media | non-profit | medical meetings

SocMed Managers Series: American Academy of Physician Assistants

inspiration | my new desktop background

Eight Ways to Kill an Idea

blog | motivation

5 Ways Blogging Can Save Your Sanity

geek | wish list


irrelevant but worthwhile| giggles




youtube spotlight

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