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best reads this week

*Spotlights are ‘bizzaro’ this week as they may seem a bit random. I’ve been suffering writer’s block for two weeks and thus have read A LOT to try and get past this. They are good links, but not exactly like what I usually post. Enjoy.

pharma | DTC | marketing

AstraZeneca Staffers Want to Know: Why Doesn’t Their Symbicort Lady Have a Face?

marketing | creativity | captivating

Dogs Filmed at 1000 Frames Per Second

google |good to know | productivity

Fast New Windows

funny | law

A Very Clever Business Card

business life | resource

Eight Things Your Employees Want from You

inspiration | social media

My Dirty Little College Secret

law | funny

Craigslist Post of the Day: Top-Tier Law Degree ($59,250)

And now . . . favorite YouTube spotlight

Formula 1 Simulator

Yeesh! Boys and their toys – ridiculous! That looks like fun.

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  1. I love reading this blog. Its like an extension of my google reader. So many good links!

  2. Thanks, Albert! I’ve enjoyed yours as well. On a side note, do you know of any upcoming social media events in Atlanta? I haven’t been to anything in a while and it sucks.

    • Hey. No I dont know of any events. But I am moving back to Gwinnett County and will be back in the swing of things with events in ATL.

      Currently I am in North Georgia and getting anywhere is so difficult.

      If I hear of anything I will keep ya posted and will probably blog about events and stuff on a regular basis.


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